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Did you know that the fonts you use on your billboard impacts the effectiveness of your billboard?  It’s true!  Travelers need to see and understand your billboard’s message quickly and easily.  When commuters are whizzing by your outdoor advertisement at fast speeds and far distances, the right font for your billboard improves the chance of your message getting read!  So how do you know which typefaces are best? Read on for tips from the design pros at Penneco Outdoor. 


Tips to Selecting the Best Font for Your Billboard


Right Size Your Font

Your billboard needs to be legible from different distances, so the bigger font you use, the better.  Why?  Big fonts let people read your message from far distances.  Additionally, larger sizes mean that people will see your billboard for a longer period of time.  And since big lettering takes up more space on your billboard, you’ll use less words and your message will have a bigger impact.


In General

     •  Travelers will be at least 500 feet from your billboard.

     •  Most viewers will be traveling at speeds up to 60 mph.


font for your billboard


Be Stylish, But Not Too Stylish

Do a quick Google search for fonts and you’ll get 2.6 million results for all kinds of fancy typography.  And while these are absolutely gorgeous, they may not be the right font for your billboard. Travelers aren’t able to make out what they say as they zoom down the highway. Additionally, many are simply illegible from a distance.  



     •  Use a font with even thickness.

     •  Choose print over script.

     •  Select lettering that’s not too thin.


Legible font for your billboard


In Sum

The font you use for your outdoor ad will have a big impact on the success of your advertising campaign by affecting how well viewers will be able to get your message.  Think of your typography like the wrapping paper on a present you’re giving someone special. It adds to the appeal and excitement of the recipient!


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